Sensorviewis a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance antennas and cables for mmWave, 5G and beyond-5G.  The company delivers differentiated low loss solutions with its own material processing technology and unique design technology for mmWave antennas and cables.

   Company :  Sensorview Co., LTD

   CEO :  Klaus (Byoungnam) Kim

   Foundation :  July 1st, 2015

   Business Area :

          • Wireless Infrastructure
          • Mobile Handset
          • Test Measurement
          • Aerospace Aircraft
          • Connected Cars

  • Headquarters :  #705, Samwhan Hipex A, 240, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13493, KOREA


Company that offers Value

Company that generates value through research and development
fulfilling various customers’ needs in order to cope with
rapid changing market in 4th industrial revolution

Company that provides Total Solution for 5G SmartConnected Device

Company that delivers total solution platform service through material
technology + design technology and fusion platform between technology to technology for
5G smart connected devices

Company with Social Responsibility that shares Happiness

Company that shares happiness with customers, shareholders,
employees and suppliers through creative development results and
returns the benefits to the society


History by year


11  Registered as a vendor of global top T&M manufacturer (first company in Korea for RF component)

09  Started shipping mmWave RF cable assemblies to US Top 3 service operator

07  Shipped 5G antenna to global network system manufacturer

06  Certified as a frontier start-up company for advanced technology

01  Certified ISO 90001, ISO 14001


12  Conducted successful product demo of Sensorview’s 5G antenna together with 5G system at 2017 IEEE GlobeCom in Singapore

12  Shipped 5G antenna to global T&M manufacturer

11  Started shipping mmWave RF cable assemblies to US T&M customer


12  Conducted successful product demo of Sensorvew’s 5G antenna together with 5G system at 2016 IEEE GlobeCom in USA

11  Developed high gain antenna for 5G mmWave

10  Governmentalproject awarded for multi-modal sensor system for wearablesolution


12  Certified as an advanced technical start-up company

11  Governmental project awarded for 360º Lidar sensor development for self-driving car

07  Company was founded